‘In The Flat Field’ Reissue Reviewed By Andrew J. Brooksbank

Bauhaus official historian and archivist Andrew J. Brooksbank has recently reviewed the 40th anniversary reissue of In The Flat Field for Louder Than War Magazine! You can read the full review here and order your copy of the reissued record on bronze vinyl via Beggars Banquet Arkive here.

Bauhaus officially hit ruby status in December this year, but who’s counting! In The Flat Field is the reissue of their stunning debut…

This set opens with perhaps their most powerful statement, the Peel session take of Double Dare, recorded in December of ’79, barely a year into their career and now reloaded, sounding incredibly fresh in new rouge and eye line.

It’s interesting to hear now after listening to these records for the last 40 years that it’s Kevin Haskins, the band’s cruelly underrated drummer who really shines and benefits from this overhaul, particularly on this, their debut L.P. In The Flat Field.


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