Below is a selected discography for each Bauhaus-adjacent project. This listing is not intended to be a fully exhaustive list of every release or every point of purchase.


Title Format Release Date Purchase
In The Flat Field LP/CD/CS 03/11/80    
Mask LP/CD/CS 16/10/81    
The Sky’s Gone Out LP/CD/CS 05/10/82    
Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape LP/CD/CS 19/10/82    
Burning From The Inside LP/CD/CS 01/07/83    
Crackle LP/CD 07/07/98    
Go Away White LP/CD 03/03/08  
The Bela Session LP 23/11/18
5 Albums CD xx/11/13  


Title Format Release Date Purchase
The Waking Hour LP/CD/CS xx/11/84   
InGladAloneness LP/CD 05/04/12   


Title Format Release Date Purchase
Coming Down LP/CD/CS 11/02/91    
Foolish Thing Desire LP/CD 17/11/92   
Daniel Ash CD 05/02/02   
Come Alive CD 05/07/05   
Stripped LP/CD 08/04/16   
Freedom I Love CD 27/09/16   
Alien Love Single CD 17/04/18


Title Format Release Date Purchase
Etiquette Of Violence LP/CD 05/11/83    
Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh LP/CD xx/03/85    
Songs From Another Season LP/CD/CS 12/06/90    
Urban Urbane CD/CS 15/09/92
Estranged CD xx/09/03   
Silver For Gold (The Odyssey of Edie Sedgwick) CD xx/xx/08
Not Long For This World LP/CD 29/11/11   
An Eclipse Of Ships LP/CD xx/05/14   
Vagabond Songs LP xx/06/17
Missive to an Angel From the Halls of Infamy and Allure 2xLP/CD 18/10/19


Title Format Release Date Purchase
Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven LP/CD/CS 11/10/85    
Express LP/CD/CS 15/09/86    
Earth Sun Moon LP/CD/CS 09/09/87    
Love And Rockets LP/CD/CS xx/xx/89    
Hot Trip To Heaven LP/CD 26/09/94    
Sweet F.A. LP/CD/CS 19/03/96    
Lift LP/CD/CS 13/10/98
Sorted! LP/CD/DVD 03/06/03    
5 Albums CD 13/05/13  


Title Format Release Date Purchase
Should The World Fail To Fall Apart LP/CD/CS xx/07/86    
Love Hysteria LP/CD/CS xx/03/88    
Deep LP/CD/CS 19/12/89    
Holy Smoke LP/CD/CS 14/04/92    
Cascade LP/CD/CS 11/04/95    
Alive Just For Love CD xx/xx/01   
Dust CD 23/04/02   
Unshattered CD 19/10/04   
Ninth LP/CD 07/06/11   
Secret Bees CD 11/10/11   
Lion LP/CD 02/06/14   
Mr. Moonlight Tour: 35 Years Of Bauhaus LP/DVD 23/06/14   
Remixes From Lion CD 16/06/15   
Bare-Boned And Sacred CD 10/03/17   
5 Albums CD 22/06/18  
Live in London 3xLP/CD xx/03/19


Title Format Release Date Purchase
Poptone LP/CD 17/12/17    


Title Format Release Date Purchase
Everything! CD xx/xx/98    
Weird Pop LP 18/07/11  
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