Tones On Tail’s ‘Pop’ To Be Reissued This April For Record Store Day

The Record Store Day 2020 list has just been released and Tones on Tail’s 1984 debut album Pop will be reissued in the United States ONLY for the special event! Reissued via Beggars Banquet Arkive, Pop will be available in a limited edition run of 1500 copies on black vinyl. This marks the first official release of the album in the United States. The reissue also includes an altered cover design and has been fully remastered.

Record Store Day takes place on Saturday, April 18th, at select local record stores. Ask your record stores to order Pop today and check in with them ahead of the actual date to see if they’ll be receiving a copy. Limited run records such as this are not guaranteed at any particular store. There will not be a list published in advance of stores receiving this record (Record Store Day does not provide this information). Good luck!


    1. According to Beggars Banquet Arkive, they will have copies of this available on their website a couple months after Record Store Day, available to everyone worldwide. Once the purchase link goes up, it’ll be posted here. Arkive has to have that time delay since this is considered a Record Store Day exclusive, but it’ll be coming soon!

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